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Kalahari Education Centre

WaySearch Robinson Road plot 747 Extension 2 Gaborone Botswana
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Mr Daniel M. Kithya
Phone: +2673162602/3907702
Fax: +2673162602
Hotline: +26772963144

Kalahari Center(formerly Mwalimu centre) is a professional private tutorial facility and has been operating in Botswana for the past ten year since 1999. It has helped students with special attention in BGCSE, IGCSE, JC, PSLE HIGCSE and (A) level candidates in most of the examinable subjects. We are situated a few meters from the main-mall and the African mall for ease of access even by public transport. We pride ourselves in giving an all round career advice and meeting the students’ individual and unique challenges with an aim to manage their educational aspiration wholesomely. We have also extended our services to co-operate sponsored groups of students such as the SOS Botswana. We to have staff development packages for organization wishing to develop their staff to suit their individual education needs everyone at their own level during times that take into consideration their work schedules. We are currently doing so for a large cross-section of organizations, from security companies to law firms. This is specifically useful to those who sat examination such as JC or Cambridge exams in the past and would like to improve their grades with the view of not personal development but possible entry into University or other tertiary institutions.


Our success rate in this endeavor has catapulted us to arguably the fastest growing tuition provider in the region. Students are only attended to by tutors with a minimum of a university teaching degree though most of our tutors’ posses post graduate qualification in addition to their degrees. Our ranks also boast a fully qualified curriculum development officer to monitor student need profiles and offer examination writing skills and useful study styles.


Our fully equipped library boasts such facilities as educational videos, hundreds of relevant textbooks, practical demonstration material, computer simulation aids for science and hundreds of past papers for BGCSE mathematics for instance we have all past papers ever written since the system started.


The unmatched success of our post students’ performance only reflects the seriousness with which we take performance and we are confident that your adventure with us in whatever capacity will turn out to be another success story.

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